The REV thermostat by Siemens is a two-position controller which provides PID mode. The room temperature is controlled by the cyclic switching of a regulating unit.

The controller comes with an activated self-learning operating mode, which means that it automatically optimizes its parameters and then operates based on the learned mode.

Technical Data

  1. Operating Voltage: DC 3 V
  2. Confirmation Signal: two -positional
  3. PID Control: Yes
  4. Sensing Element: NTC 10 kΩ
  5. Environmental Conditions; Perm. Ambient Temperature; Operation: 5…..40 ºC
  6. Setpoint setting range: 3…35 ºC
  7. Switching capacity of relays; Voltage: AC 24….250 V
  8. Switching capacity of relays; Current: 2,5 A
  9. Degrees of protection: IP 20

Product code: REV

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Natural Stone Radiator Galaxis


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Natural Stone Radiator


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