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Can I order marble radiators direct from the factory?

Yes, if there are none of Elith’s partners in your area you can order marble radiators direct from  the factory. Elith’s pricing policy is the same across the entire sales network, with identical seasonal offers and payment facilities. You are free therefore to contact Elith directly or through any one of our partners.

How do I order an infrared marble radiator and what is the delivery time?

There are two ways to order your Elith radiators:

-Through our network of partners throughout Greece.

-Directly from the factory via our sales department.

The delivery time:

1. From 2 to 5 working days if we have the selected model in stock.

2. From 7 to 10 days if we don’t have the selected model in stock.

3. From 10 to 12 days for “Art” models (marble radiators embossed with a design of your choice).

Shipping is handled by registered courier and radiators are delivered directly to your door.

How much will it cost me to heat my home with Elith marble radiators?

In order to get an accurate quote, you’ll need to give us the following information about the spaces you wish to heat:

A. The total area of each space and the type of insulation.

B. The orientation of each space.

C. Type of wall insulation (if any).

D. Total area (enables us to recommend the appropriate size of the radiators).

Alternatively, fill in the registration form, send it to us and we’ll calculate your heat loss. Download registration form here.

Do you offer any discount? If so, under what conditions?

There are discounts and offers in special ECO categories throughout the year. Our partners ensure the final discounts and promotions available to consumers  to the manufacturer. For more details, contact us or our official partner in your area.