Infrared heating

Infrared heating and thermal comfort:

Standard 55 of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) describesThermal comfort as “”that condition of mind which expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment.” In other words, when a person feels neither too hot nor too cold. Most people want a heating system that keeps them warm but not hot—one that gives them a sense of wellbeing. The ideal heating system should remain in the thermal comfort zone around room temperature.

The following factors can affect our thermal comfort:

a. Environmental factors

1. Air temperature

2. Average radiation temperature of indoor surfaces

3. Relative humidity of the air

4. The speed of indoor air.

b. Personal factors
1. Physical activity    2. Clothing,    3. Gender,    4.  Age

The level of thermal comfort directly influences our health, comfort, state of mind and productivity. Environmental factors change according to:

  • External environmental conditions
  • Quality of insulation and type of building materials
  • Heating system, the percentage of infrared heating
  • Design, installation, and maintenance of the heating system
  • Operating regime of the heating system
  • Type of ventilation and the orientation of the building

The higher the temperature on the surface of a radiator, the more infrared heat it radiates. Infrared, marble radiators can reach a temperature of 90° οC, emitting infrared heat from over 80% of their surface area—heat which most people perceive as thermally comfortable. Infrared marble radiators provide a high level of thermal comfort because of the stone they are made from, because of the way they are made, and because of the way they operate. By preserving over 60% of the radiated heat, they ensure an even air temperature of 20-22° οC, with relative humidity at a comfortable level (between 40% and 70%). Infrared heating keeps airspeeds at acceptable limits  (0,125÷0,25m/s). As a result, the temperature remains stable and there are no unpleasant draughts.

You can find out more about thermal comfort here

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We are participating in MCE 2016 exhibition – visit us !!! Stand F52 – Hall 3

As two years ago, we are again participating in the exhibition MCE – Mostra Convegno Expocomfort in Milano, Italy  from 15. – 18. March 2016. We will be at our Stand F52 – Hall 3

MCE is the undisputed leading exhibition in Global Comfort Technology, a not to be missed event dedicated to diverse industry sectors including HVAC&R and renewable energy. A prestigious international stage, a valuable opportunity for professional and technical upgrading, an extraordinary platform for business

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Elith – Climatherm 2014 in Athens

Elith will take a part at the international exhibition Climatherm 2014 in Athens, Greece, from Thursday 06 to Sunday 09 March 2014 in Metropolitan Expo.

Next to the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

Opening Hours 
11.00 am – 21.00 pm

RES, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Industrial Cooling, Natural Gas & Gas, Solar, Water, Desalination, Biomass, Geothermical Energy.

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