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Can a marble radiator be used in an outdoor space? What is the best placement position?

No, infrared marble radiators are not suitable for outdoor use. The best position for a marble radiator is on an internal wall that isn’t opposite any windows or doors.

Are infrared marble radiators easy to install?

Yes, infrared marble radiators are very easy to install. They’re fixed to the wall with two bolts or screws, and there are two adjustable spacers for precise positioning. Moreover, because infrared heat is not transferred by convection, radiators can be installed at any height (even on the ceiling). Depending on the customer’s requirements, they can be connected either to a thermostat outlet or to a central thermostat. Radiators can function as stand-alone appliances or as part of a central heating system. For additional installation instructions please see the installation manual.

What kind of power supply do marble radiators use?

Infra-red marble radiators operate on a conventional 230V power supply. They can be connected to a common plug with the maximum current of 15A.

How can relatively small marble radiators with low power consumption heat rooms so efficiently?

The crystalline structure of natural stone radiators enables them to emit heat in three dimensions. Unlike conventional radiators they don’t waste energy by constantly having to heat the air. Instead, infrared radiators directly heat people and objects, which (like the radiators themselves) accumulate and retain the heat; thus resulting in significant energy savings.

Can i use them outdoor?

No, you can’t radiators aren’t efficient outdoors.