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What makes infrared heating so environmentally friendly and cost efficient?

Environmentally-friendly features of infrared heating:

1. Emission-free, energy-efficient manufacturing process. Natural stone raw materials—marble and granite.

2. Radiators can be powered from renewable energy sources.

3. Maintenance-free, 30-40 year working life.

4. No combustion, therefore no emissions of any kind.

Cost-efficient features of Elith radiators:

1. Conversion of energy to heat with 100% efficiency.

2. Because infrared radiators heat people and objects directly—and not the air—they create comfortable warmth at lower air temperatures, significantly reducing energy costs.

3. The quality of heating and relative humidity are very important. Marble radiators radiate heat just like the Sun and, as with the Sun, our skin perceives the heat from a marble radiator to be as much as 3 degrees higher than the temperature of the environment.

The use of hot stones for heating is not a new idea. The ancient Romans used stones heated by the sun to heat the Tepidarium (warm room) in Roman baths. Elith marble radiators combine ancient knowledge with modern-day technological to provide natural, cost-efficient heating for the future.

How much energy and money can I save by using infrared marble radiators?

Marble radiators consume only 60% less energy than oil-fired heaters with equivalent output. This is partly because of the unique crystalline structure of the native rock, which causes these marble radiators to emit heat in three dimensions. The stone also accumulates heat, which it retains and continues to emit even after the power is switched off, resulting in further energy savings.