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Why are infrared radiators so safe?

nfrared marble radiators are safe because:

a. They operate at relatively low temperatures compared with traditional space heaters.

b. They have no moving parts.

c. They are secured with two types of thermal fuse (one electrical slow melting, the other mechanical bimetallic).

d. Unlike conventional radiators, they don’t dry the air.

e. No harmful emission of gases or other pollutants.

f. Because they don’t ionize the air, relative humidity remains stable.

g. They don’t create strong convection currents.

How safe are infrared marble radiators?

Elith infrared marble radiators are extremely safe for indoors use. Their safety, quality and operating certification fully complies with the stringent auditing standards of the independent VDE organization, and are recognized throughout the world.

Two thermal fuses are activated automatically to protect the user and the radiator in the event of electrical faults or misuse.

What are the guidelines for safe installation?

For information on minimum installation distance between radiator, wall and other objects please consult—and strictly adhere to— the manufacturer’s instructions for individual models.

Every Elith radiator comes complete with all the components you need to fix it securely in place. Please, consult the installation manual for details of individual models.