Heating Quality

Infrared heating is the most suitable form of heating for maintaining a stable, thermally-comfortable environment.

The even distribution of heat throughout the space is made possible because the energy is emitted in three-dimensions; thus avoiding any noticeable temperature difference between floor and ceiling. Infrared marble radiators by Elith have no moving parts and they don’t make any noise whether they’re on or off.

While the radiators are working, heat is evenly radiated throughout the space, providing thermal comfort and preserving ideal levels of relative humidity. Unlike halogen heaters, Elith marble radiators do not produce visible light. Because electrical energy is converted directly into thermal energy, there is no combustion and therefore no emission of  particles or chemical compounds of any kind, so there are no smells and no pollution.

Above all, the standard of heating and thermal comfort offered by Elith marble radiators makes Elith the wisest choice for efficient, high-quality heating at an affordable price.