Cost efficiency

Four reasons why infrared marble radiators are more cost-efficient:

  1. Because infrared does not use the air as a medium, there is no loss of heat through convection. With conventional heating, heated air rises to the ceiling where it is of no use. In fact, Elith infrared marble radiators reach the same level of thermal comfort as conventional heating systems but at temperatures that are 2 to 3 degrees lower.
  2. Elith radiators are powered by electricity, which—in combination with advanced infrared technology—is now cheaper than either oil or gas as a source of energy for heating your home.
  3. Elith infrared radiators transfer heat with virtually 100% efficiency because they heat objects directly, without heating the air and without losing heat through combustion.
  4. The low purchase price combined with 30 to 40 years of reliable, maintenance-free service, make Elith products an investment for life.