Radiant Heating….source of life!


Infrared heating is the transfer of heat in the form of electromagnetic waves. One of the oldest and safest ways of heating, it has been used since the dawn of human history. When the first humans gathered around open fires to enjoy their pleasant warmth, what  they were enjoying wasn’t the warm air—which was released upwards and lost—but the infrared heat radiated by the fire. Don’t be put off by the word radiation; infrared radiation is not harmful. Unlike other stronger types of radiation it doesn’t alter human cells. It simply sets molecules in motion and heats things up. Infrared radiation makes us feel warm, but it doesn’t damage our health. Moreover, infrared heating creates a warm dry environment that is actually very beneficial to health and wellbeing.

Today infrared energy is put to many good uses in medicine, heating and many other areas. Neonatology, dermatology, physiotherapy, archaeology, astrophysics and space science are just a few of the disciplines that  use of infrared heating in one way or another.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to benefits from infrared heating—it’s a down-to-earth, everyday heating method, available to everyone. The rapid evolution of infrared heating technology means that you can now find heating solutions to suit any room. Because infrared waves do not heat the air, it doesn’t affect relative humidity, and thermal comfort is high—two of the major benefits of infrared heating.

Elith’s pioneering work combines the properties of infrared heating and natural stone to create an unrivalled heating system that keeps us warm and healthy, and respects the environment.

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