….that has served mankind in countless ways for thousands of years. Marble is one of the most magnificent miracles of Nature. Extreme heat and pressure over the lengthy period of its formation give marble its unique properties. Marbles, granites, slates and limestones are all types of stone that can be formed by different chemical ingredients, under a variety of circumstances, which explains the enormous diversity of stones available today. The main minerals in marbles are calcite or dolomite. Other minerals in smaller quantities give marble its distinctive swirls, flecks, veining and other markings. The whiter a piece of marble, the greater the concentration of calcite in its compounds. Every piece of marble is absolutely unique—reproducible neither by nature nor by technology.


From the very beginning of human history to the present day, mankind has had a close relationship with natural stones, especially marble. Our ancestors used marble and other stones for many things; purely practical at first, but later for artistic and religious expression. Marble was thought to have magical properties and was associated with the gods. It was highly valued and people went to great lengths to acquire it, inventing ingenious and ever more effective ways of extracting it. The ancient Romans are thought to have been the first to use hot stones as a means of heating on a large scale, both in their homes and in public buildings—the warm bathroom or tepidarium in Roman baths for example. Today, like the Romans, we understand that hot stones, marble floors and walls create ideal heating conditions.


In ancient times, the practice of heating with stones was widespread. Our ancestors realized that they could take advantage of the ability of stones to store and radiate heat. Because of its crystalline structure, marble emits heat into space in three dimensions. Its durability at high temperatures makes it a very safe medium for use in heating. As a natural product, it doesn’t produce undesirable pollutants. Modern technology has allowed us to marry the properties of marble with the positive aspects of infrared heating, to provide an ideal source of energy-efficient warmth.. Today, all of us can enjoy absolutely natural infrared heating from an absolutely natural marble radiator. Electricity, new materials and new technologies mean that infrared heating is now one of the most practical, manageable and economic heating solutions available. Modern processing techniques accentuate the luxury of marble, making a vast range of uniquely aesthetic marble radiators available to heat your home at the touch of a button.

Elith brings a warm breath and style to the natural strength and beauty of marble, creating unique infrared radiators to heat your home. Ancient knowledge, the power of Nature and the latest infrared technology combine in the creation of every single marble radiator from Elith.