Health benefits

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for healthy, cost-efficient ways of heating.

Infrared heating is the most natural form of heating available. The warmth we feel from the Sun is the effect of infrared heating. It is the healthiest and most comfortable form of heating because it heats the surface of objects and not the air around them.

The transfer of radiant heat through the medium of marble creates ideal conditions for thermal comfort. Conventional convection heating systems (such as blow heaters and air conditioning units) heat the air, causing it to circulate and disperse dust and other particles that can irritate allergies and exacerbate respiratory conditions.

It is a well known fact that infrared heating not only has a positive effect on our bodies but also promotes a feeling of wellbeing.

Because Elith infrared marble radiators heat the objects in a room and not the air, there are no draughts to spread harmful dust and bacteria, and stable relative humidity prevents the growth of mould.

When air is heated it becomes drier, reducing relative humidity. If the air in a room is too dry it not only gives a sense of discomfort but can also aggravate the respiratory system and pose a risk to health. Elith marble radiators maintain a stable level of relative humidity and thermal comfort.

It’s worth noting that many conventional heating systems are not certified because the materials they’re made from are known to release harmful particles and compounds into the environment. Elith infrared marble radiators on the other hand are manufactured with 100% natural marble and granite and are fully certified.

Nowadays, standardized certification makes it much easier for the consumer to choose a healthy heating option.

Cost efficiency

Four reasons why infrared marble radiators are more cost-efficient:

1. Because infrared does not use the air as a medium, there is no loss of heat through convection. With conventional heating, heated air rises to the ceiling where it is of no use. In fact, Elith infrared marble radiators reach the same level of thermal comfort as conventional heating systems but at temperatures that are 2 to 3 degrees lower.

2. Elith radiators are powered by electricity, which—in combination with advanced infrared technology—is now cheaper than either oil or gas as a source of energy for heating your home.

3. Elith infrared radiators transfer heat with virtually 100% efficiency because they heat objects directly, without heating the air and without losing heat through combustion.

4. The low purchase price combined with 30 to 40 years of reliable, maintenance-free service, make Elith products an investment for life.

Environmentally friendly

Elith products are environmentally friendly. The manufacturing process is energy-efficient  and, because the largest part of each radiator is made from natural stone, there is minimal pollution. Because Elith infrared marble radiators do not rely on combustion to produce heat, there are no toxic emissions. In addition, the radiators can be powered from a renewable power sources such as photovoltaic batteries making these heating systems fully environmentally friendly.

Elith marble radiators are extremely durable with an estimated lifespan of over 40 years. and thus do not encumber the environment with required recycling after a short period.


Elith heaters are fully certified for quality and safety. As a leading European manufacturer of infrared marble radiators, Elith has been successfully exporting its products to Germany and other European countries since the company was established in 1999.

Elith has the following certification:

1. CE marking: Indicates that Elith infrared marble radiators comply with EU legislation and enables them to be moved and sold freely within the European Economic Area.

2. VDE EMC mark: Indicates that, as an electro-technical product, Elith infrared marble radiators comply with the standards for electromagnetic compatibility on the basis of VDE/EN/IEC/CISPR standards and other technical specifications.

3. VDE Factory inspection mark: Inspections according to the international CIG procedure (primary inspection of the place of manufacture and maintenance check according to CENELEC factory inspection procedure). Factory inspections of products with other certification marks (inspection on behalf of and according to the codes and standards of foreign certification bodies).

4. VDE GS certification marking: Technical equipment and commodities ready for use, in the sense of ProdSG (optional for such products instead of VDE Mark). According to VDE/EN/IEC standards, other technical specifications as well as possible provisions of law with respect to safety and health requirements.

5. ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008 certification: Certification introducing quality management system according to ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 for the production of infrared heating radiators made from natural stone.